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Mourning Cloak

December 10, 2013

A Mourning Cloak has visited our yard twice since my dad died on June 27, 2013 The first time we saw it was the day after he died. Most recently and the second time we saw it was the day after Thanksgiving.


  • My dad was a butterfly collector as a child and also collected as an adult.
  • He bought me a butterfly net in the summer of 1969 when he & my mom thought that I needed more attention as the “middle child.” I collected with him for about 3 years before I quit, he continued collecting until the day he was no longer able, due to his illness.
  • When he was in the hospital the week before he died, although he could not talk and hadn’t been able to talk for the past couple years and therefore we were unable to exactly know what he knew, I laid my head on his chest as I sobbed and asked him for a “sign” once he was gone to let me know that he was okay.
  • Unbeknownst to me until after he died and I told my mom about the Mourning Cloak in our yard, they bought the house I grew up in because when the realtor was showing it to my parents, he saw a Mourning Cloak in the backyard.
  • The Mourning Cloak is so named due to its coloring resembling cloaks worn by people who are in mourning.
  • Until I saw the Mourning Cloak after my dads death, the last time I had seen one was years ago when I was with my dad and still a child.
  • My dad kept the most beautiful shade garden where they lived for years. The first instance appeared when I was working in our shade garden.

    Coincidence? I think not ❤ I miss you dad ❤

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