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WHY do I keep Honeybees?

February 11, 2012

A fellow beekeeper recently implied that maybe I should reconsider how I manage my hives and that maybe I caused the problem with my now dead hives and that maybe I did so in an attempt to get more  honey production out of the girls (all worker bees are female).  I felt it necessary to […]

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Kitty Condos

February 8, 2012

After writing too long of a  post this morning about my history with cats (from being extremely allergic and disliking cats through adolescence to more current times of verging on being “a crazy cat lady”),  I’ve decided to shorten it up a bit and concentrate rather on the housing we built for our kitties since […]

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Beehive DEAD …

February 2, 2012

So I hate to begin my blog and first entry with bad news,  but it does seem to be Spring in February here in the Midwest and that means our honeybees should be taking their cleansing flight. We are new to beekeeping;  this was our second winter with a hive.  Once the temperatures reach 50° […]

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