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Signs of Spring

February 15, 2012

Helleborus ‘Pink Parachutes’ is one of my favorite perennials.  Helleborus blooms in late winter or early Spring and usually when there is snow on the ground.   If you let a  Helleborus plant go to seed, it will usually create a little colony of plants within a few years.

It’s  disappointing for me to think that Spring is almost here.  Where was winter this year?  A mere 8 1/2 inches of snow and very few cold days …  last year we had record-breaking snowfall.  Although I’ve been waiting for winter to arrive since mid November, I have to admit now that Valentines Day is over, I’m happy to hear the  birds chirping outside and see the sunshine.  A quick little walk around my yard this morning makes me think I better get ready for growing season.

More Helloborus.  The leaves are somewhat evergreen, staying green all winter.  I love the way they look among the composting Fall leaves.

One of my Swiss Chard plants (Chard Bright Lights)  from last Fall.  I left the crown to overwinter to see if it would start growing in the Spring.  It looks to me like a new small chard leaf is growing in the very center.

Cilantro from last Fall.  This plant will take off where it left off.  I should have a full plant of cilantro by mid-April

First on my list will be planting seeds.  This year I am determined to do it right and in an organized fashion.  In past years, I’ve only  gotten mixed results which is no surprise as it has always been a last-minute thought.  For me it seems like a daunting task … diagramming my vegetable garden on paper, ordering seeds, setting up a grow system with shelves, lights, and trays of seeds.  Ugh, all this and it isn’t even time to plant?  Just thinking about it makes me want to take the easy route and buy the six-packs of plants at the garden store this Spring. But on the other hand, I do have a $25.00 coupon from Gurney’s Seed catalog and we have some extra plastic shelves in the basement that Jeff has already put together for me.  I’ve been saving the paper toilet and paper towel rolls in anticipation of recycling them as seed containers.  And last year I did have one success with a wonderful Roma type tomato that I grew from seed (Although I now I have no idea what it was because I did not document anything!)  And I have found some useful online links that will help me prepare as well nice article in the latest issue of Urban Farm Magazine about starting seeds.  So although it will be some work, I think the pros for me outweigh the cons, and I need to try it the right way, at least once.

Early daffodils already with buds.

My forever partner in the garden.  Oujai always follows me when I am in the garden.  It’s hard for me not to take her picture.


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