Stung again

October 16, 2014


There are many positives to beekeeping but it’s not all fun as I have continually been reminded this past summer season. And then again yesterday.

Due to low honey stores in the hive during our last inspection, I am madly feeding the girls from both the top and the front of the hive, hoping they will build up their winter supply for food before the colder temperatures and it is too late.

Jeff is diligent about wearing his bee suit/veil whenever we do anything with the hive or bees. Me, not so much. Earlier this week the sugar syrup jars (food) needed to be replaced so I was back at our hive without my veil on. Due to a bicycle crash earlier this summer, my shoulder is injured and I don’t have the strength to do a quick change-out, thus needing to fully open the top hive cover and use both of my hands to lift the mason jar filled with 2+ quarts of sugar syrup. As per usual this summer, the girls continue to be cranky.

hivetopfeederfall14As I lifted the cover and set the new food jar down, one bee stung me on my wrist which created the all out “ALERT! ALERT!” for the other bees. So I screamed a little but stayed there as I was hoping to get the lid back on the hive. However as more bees started moving towards me, I moved away from the hive and eventually started running around the yard, still screaming, in an attempt to get them away from me. As I ran up the deck towards our house, I could still hear them buzzing around me. I threw off my shirt off down to my underwear, my eye-glasses flying and getting lost into the Fall leaves and scaring our 12 year old outside cat who is looking at me like wtf? Now in the house and I could STILL hear buzzing. I stripped down naked as I’m moving frantically from the door to the office to the bathroom and back into the office. Finally, no buzzing. So I am in the house, naked and blind as a bat trying to find a credit card to scrape the stinger off my face and stop any additional poison as I usually swell up nicely from bee stings. All this going on and I hear banging on our front door. It’s my neighbor, retired nurse, yelling “ARE YOU OKAY? CATHY ARE YOU OKAY??”So apparently she had seen the whole thing?

All’s well that end’s well. I did find one of Jeff’s sweatshirt’s laying on his office chair which I was able to throw on before answering the front door to let B know I was fine. I found my glasses on the deck and was able to remove the stinger that was still in my face, our kitty is recovered and it doesn’t look like there is any long-term trauma for her. There were a few honeybees in the house that I trapped and let back outside. My face as my eye has swelled but two days into it, this morning the swelling is down enough to look just like I have an eye infection.

Jeff asked me if I learned my lesson? I told him “absolutely, I’m not feeding the bees anymore!” Just kidding … I actually was out there this morning, with my veil on, making sure they had enough food.

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